MOXIE is a multi-dimensional experience of environment, sound, fitness, and community

Highlights of the MOXIE experience include:

  • Classes that do not Include Spiritual or Philosophical Instruction
  • A State of the Art Sound System
  • Well Curated Playlists
  • Infrared Heating Panels and Unique Walnut Floor
  • Intimate Studio Space with a Maximum Capacity of 20 Students
  • Classes are 55 Minutes Long (45 mins for Lunch Hour)
  • Classes Start on Time and End on Time (Note: Students may not be permitted after class start time)

MOXIE is a mind-body fitness studio designed for the modern/urban lifestyle. We offer classes for all levels of practitioners: from beginner to advanced.

MOXIE Method and Power Yoga

The MOXIE METHOD is our signature approach to yoga inspired fitness. It is a form of power yoga that is physically inspired and based on modifications of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system integrating dynamic Pilates movements, isometric strengthening and resistance stretching. What sets the MOXIE METHOD apart is the framework of fundamental postures that provides for a vigorous yet balanced practice that is scalable and constantly evolving.

MOXIE also offers Power Yoga classes. Like the MOXIE METHOD, Power Yoga classes at MOXIE are also physically inspired derivations of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system but teachers are not required to follow the MOXIE METHOD postures or sequencing. This allows for the incorporation of varying aspects of each teacher’s particular approach to Yoga and fitness.


Music adds a new dimension to the physical practice of yoga and all classes at MOXIE have well-curated playlists with the music changing throughout the class to correspond with the different phases of the class.
We take the music very seriously at MOXIE. Check out some of our latest playlists below or follow us on Spotify to see all of our playlists